Years In Operation (Block L7)
Hectares (Ha) protected
Ranger Scouts employed
community families supported
Who We Are

Niassa Wilderness, the name of our concession in the Niassa Reserve is Block L7 on the South Eastern Bank of the Lugenda River, covering an area of 1 million acres (450,000 Ha).

Our mission is to help save the biodiversity of the Niassa Reserve, a sacred and prehistoric African wilderness. The third largest protected area in Africa, located in northern Mozambique.

How We Help

We have recently pivoted into a private donor-funded nonprofit trust, combating illegal wildlife trade for the preservation of free-roaming elephants, wild dogs, lions, and local endemic species.

With the dramatic increase in co-ordinated elephant poaching due to the demand in ivory. From 2016 we have directed all our efforts to anti-poaching and law enforcement, in order to combat this illegal wildlife trade and help to preserve this sacred place.


Security and law enforcement for the protection of elephants is our primary focus. Elephant poaching is now the biggest threat. As ecosystem engineers, elephants are needed to maintain the biodiversity of Niassa.

We believe that by centrally linking communities in these efforts, jointly we can help to secure our concession (Block L7), thereby helping to ensure the safety and security of the whole of the Niassa Reserve.

Who Helps Us

Our aim at Niassa Wilderness is to secure our support with people who believe in what we believe, “To preserve the wildlife of the Niassa Reserve for future generations to see“.

By continuing to secure funding from private foundations, government agencies, non-government organizations, and global citizens, we can protect and preserve Niassa Wilderness. Further, we can strengthen impact and scale-up our projects and programs in collaboration with our partners and alliances.

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